We all like to save money but not at the expense of quality. You can rely on Pepe’s to deliver top quality food available at a great price. Browse our special offers to see where you could save money.


Available everyday 11.30am - 2pm
All Lunch Specials come with ANY can
(Anything not on lunch menu will be charged at normal price)

ONLY £1.49

Roll & Chips & a can
1/4 pizza crunch & a can
Roll & Fritter & a 500ml bottle
2 Rolls & Fritter & a can

Roll and Pizza Cruch & a can
Roll & Sausage & a can
Roll & Donner Meat & a can

ONLY £1.99

1/4 Pizza Crunch Supper
1/4 Pizza Supper
Small Sausage (1) Supper

Small Chicken Nugget (5) Supper
Veg Pakora (2) Supper

ONLY £2.49

1/2 Pizza Crunch Supper
1/2 Pizza Supper
1/2 Smoked Sausage Supper
Hamburger Supper
Sausage (2) Supper
Steak Pie Supper
Chicken Nuggets (8) Supper
Mince Pie Supper
Haggis Supper
Black Pudding Supper

King Rib Supper
Cheeseburger Supper
Beefburger Supper
Baked Potato + 1 Topping
Chips n' Donner
Chips n' Curry
Chips n' Gravy
Chips n' Cheese
Chips n' Coleslaw

ONLY £2.99

Small Fish (1) Supper
Small Donner Kebab
7" Margherita Pizza & Chips
Chips, Cheese n' Donner

Chips, Cheese n' Curry
Chips, Cheese n' Gravy
Chips, Cheese n' Coleslaw
Cruncheese Burger Supper

We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your support.